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What we do:

Budokon Yoga:
Budokon Yoga is transitional movement influenced by yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion. A Budokon Yoga session is performed in a continuous, dynamic, rhythmic flow with the emphasis being on the transition from posture to posture, rather than the posture themselves.

Budokon Calisthenics:

The Budokon calisthenics workout consist of classic and well known exercises as well as some new and unconventional ways of movement, like animal locomotion. All of the performed exercise aim at the use of several muscle groups at the same time.

Budokon Mixed Martial Arts:
Budokon as a mixed martial arts is influenced by classic marital arts, such like: Karate, Muay Thai, Carpoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Precision, speed and technique are the focus of this session.

Your benefits:

All parts of this workshop are designed to increase the strength, body control, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. And yes you will burn of some calories.

About the instructor:
Daniel Geller is a real movement enthusiast. He has a strong interest in the martial arts, yoga, mountain biking and calisthenics. A friend introduced Daniel to yoga and he immediately felt a strong connection to it. Daniel continued to practice yoga by himself, until he decided to the next step and deepen his own practice. In 2014 Daniel spent some time in Nicaragua where he studied vinyasa yoga with Kimberly Waugh, a passionate yoga teacher from the United States. As a vinyasa yoga instructor Daniel is known for leading deep, slow and intense practices. It is his philosophy to reach a state of deep mental and physical relaxation through intense practice.

Daniel met Cameron Shayne, the creator of the Budokon mixed movement arts system, in 2015 and was truly impressed by the way in which Budokon merges aspects of stand up striking, yoga, calisthenics and animal movement. He particularly enjoys how all of these different ways to move can be combined into a flowing yoga practice.

*No prior yoga experience needed.

What do you needs:

· Clothes to change

· Water or any other drink you like

· Your yoga mat

Sat Jun 23, 2018
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM MYT
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Budokon Yoga SOLD OUT RM30.00
Budokon Calisthenics SOLD OUT RM30.00
Budokon Mixed Martial Arts SOLD OUT RM50.00
All-in Pass SOLD OUT RM100.00
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Kampung Pasir, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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